Extinguishing Agents

Each environment is different so choosing the right agent is critical. BlazeCut systems use world-wide known and commonly used extinguishing agents that can cover every need: Novec 1230 fluid, HFC gaseous agents, foam agent or powder agent.

Novec™ 1230

Novec 1230 fluid is a next-generation halon and HFC replacement, designed to address concerns for human safety, performance and the environment. Novec 1230 fluid is stored as a liquid however will turn to a gas upon discharge. Novec 1230 fluid combines the key features of HFC gases with sustainable clean agent protection.

Main features

  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • A global warming potential of less than one
  • Five-day atmospheric lifetime
  • A large margin of safety for occupied spaces

UL, ULC, FM, LPCB, SSL, VdS, CNPP, KFI, multiple global marine approvals

As a clean agent, it leaves no residues and will not affect sensitive electronics and devices. It is an ideal choice for environment with significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The agent is suitable for Class A, B, C and electrical fires.

HFC Clean Agent

The HFC clean extinguishing agent is liquefied gas used for volume fire suppression. The HFC clean extinguishing agent is discharged as a stream of gas and liquid droplets that penetrate into the fire area, ceasing the combustion process through heat absorption and chemical interaction. The HFC clean extinguishing agent is considered environmentally accepted substitute for Halon extinguishing agents harmful to the ozone layer used in the past.

Main features

  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Non-corrosive
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Safe for people
  • Leaves no residue
  • Does not damage equipment, objects or sensitive devices
  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
Types of HFC clean extinguishing agents used:

HFC-227ea: UL recognized and FM Approved
HFC-236fa: UL recognized

The HFC clean extinguishing agent is an agent of choice for protection of enclosures where residue may be harmful to the protected sensitive devices. The agent is suitable for Class A (creating flames), Class B, Class C and electrical fires.

Powder Agent

System BlazeCut uses high quality powder extinguishing agent.

Main features

  • universal
  • electrically non-conductive
  • non-corrosive
  • resistant to temperature changes

Most commonly used and cost-effective extinguishing agent due to its very good extinguishing performance against Class A, B, C and electrical fires.

Foam Agent

System BlazeCut uses high-end foaming agent, which is environmentally friendly and has tremendous extinguishing performance.

Main features

  • Environmentally formulated
  • Non-corrosive
  • 98% organic compounds
  • Contains no PFOA or PFOS
  • Zero hazardous chemicals
  • Fully biodegradable


  • UL/ULC Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate
  • UL/ULC Listed Wetting Agent
  • MPA Dresden Listed
  • ICAO Certificate

Recommended for Class A and B fires as well as for Class F (kitchen fires) due to its high extinguishing performance and perfect results against re-ignition.