Engine compartments of buses are more prone to fire than other enclosures due to the following: short circuit, engine wear, hot surfaces, reduced durability of materials, use of plastics, encapsulation of the engine, oil, and debris. It is not surprising that more than 70% of all bus fires occur in the engine compartment. Since buses are used for every day transport of people, the fire protection of buses should be top priority of every bus operator or manufacturer.


  • 10% of all buses are involved in a fire incident during their lifespan
  • In Germany 350 – 400 bus fires are reported every year
  • Bus fires have almost doubled in many countries over the last 10 years
  • In the USA an average of six bus or school bus fires are reported every day
  • More than 70% of all bus fires occur in the engine compartment

*Source: NFPA and SP Technical Research Institute

BlazeCut provides ILP bus systems that can be adapted and fitted to any type of bus, whether new or old, whether diesel, hybrid or CNG. Depending on the type of the bus or customer requirement the systems are supplied in HFC, powder or foam agent version.

BlazeCut systems for buses are fully automatic, independent of power supply and provide additional electronic activation giving the driver option to activate the system also manually from his seat. The control unit also provides the driver with acoustic and light signalization in case of system activation and monitors the system readiness. Bus systems are specially designed to sustain harsh environments and therefore vibrations, high temperatures and dirt are no longer a worry.

BlazeCut bus system highlights:

  • stand-alone fully automatic system
  • independent of power supply
  • fast detection and high efficiency
  • manual activation option for driver
  • acoustic and light alarm
  • control unit with a backup battery
  • ready control of system
  • available in three versions: clean agent, powder agent or foam agent
  • adapted to harsh environments
  • universal – to be installed in any bus
  • cost-effective

Benefits of having fire protection of buses:

  • Safe escape for the most vulnerable passengers i.e. disabled people, older people and school children
  • Lower life loss
  • Less damage to buses
  • Reduction of societal costs
  • Secure business continuity
  • Enhanced goodwill