Indoor Application

Operation and business continuity of every company and industry is dependent on its key elements. In addition to the staff it is the company equipment: server rack, CNC machine, electrical cabinet, power generator, kitchen and so forth which are key. Electrical sources, cables and wires in electrical enclosures, chemicals in fume cabinets and machines or oils and fats in kitchens are factors that pose a great risk of fire in these enclosures.

BlazeCut provides automatic fire suppression systems for these kinds of enclosures through its BlazeCut “C” Series local application systems. Depending on type of application the systems are supplied with Novec 1230 or HFC-227ea, which are the best choice for protection of elecrical enclosures and sensitive devices or with foam extinguishing agent for kitchen applications.

Typical indoor applications include:

  • CNC machines
  • Server racks
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Fume cabinets
  • Power generators
  • Telecom tower shelters
  • Ventilation devices
  • Elevator engine rooms
  • Other

BlazeCut systems for indoor applications are supplied in both DLP and ILP version and in various modifications of cylinder sizes, lengths and sizes of detection and distribution tubing. As these systems protect the most critical and sensitive enclosures where even minimum damage can be destructive the BlazeCut systems for indoor applications can be equipped with many optional components such as:

  • Optical and smoke detectors for fast detection of fire and activation of the system
  • Manual pneumatic actuator independent of electrical power
  • Manual electric actuator for electrical activation
  • Pressure switch to connect signalization devices or control external systems (switch-off the ventilation, A/C etc.)
  • Solenoid switch to activate the system after receiving electronic signal from the external device (for example detector)
  • Signaling devices: sounder, beacon, combined optical and acoustic devices
  • Control panel to control the system, communication with signalization, GSM module etc.