C Series ILP

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Related Case Studies

Electrical Enclosures

Electrical switchboards are widespread in many industrial applications, home installations, mobile and other cases. They can pose as high risk of fire due to poor installation, under-sized cabling, material aging, damage or other factors. As electrical switchboards are mainly in operation 24/7 and in many cases in places with no human presence as is also this example in a highway tunnel. It is of high importance to protect these by uninterrupted protection and power independent extinguishing systems.


Commercial kitchens, whether within a cafeteria, restaurant or a hotel, include many fire hazards from the natural environment of open flames, multiple heat producing appliances, use of flammable oils and greases. Neglected cleaning, crowded spaces, high paced service and other, increase the probability of a fire event. Understanding these hazards and how you can minimize the risk can help prevent property damage, business downtime, and more importantly, injury or loss of life. Therefore, an uninterrupted and power independent extinguishing systems are highly recommended.

Dust Collectors

Fire can be a serious risk in dust collectors because it can occur unexpectedly. Hight air flow and scattered small particles of dust are prone to combustion and even explosion when exposed to just one spark. It can cause not only equipment damage, but also may result in personnel injury. So as a great solution for ensuring protection, an uninterrupted and power independent extinguishing systems are recommended.