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Industry Risks

Commercial kitchens can have many fire risks, the consequences of not being adequately covered can be catastrophic. Fires can start quickly and become too large for fire extinguishers to be effective. They can also spread rapidly with multiple types of fuel sources available. Most importantly when a fire starts in a kitchen, statistics show that 97% of the time, staff are present and in danger.

In relation to kitchen fire protection systems we need to consider the types of cooking appliances which use gas or electricity such as deep fat fryers, woks, griddles, salamanders, chain broilers as well as duct, fume hood and plenums. Different fuel types and appliances can change how to best deal with a fire.
At the time of stress; many forget how to correctly deal with the situation faced and by having an automatic fire system in place, the risk of damage or injury are greatly reduced.


There is a very high likelihood of the fire spreading rapidly and the damage may not only be contained to the ignition area or to that of the kitchen. Fire and smoke can spread to other areas with devastating consequences.

A fire that has not been quickly detected, can cause serious damage if left too long. The fire will be much larger and take much more time to extinguish. A slow extinguishment is risking not only major damage and shutdowns, but the lives of the people.
With fast suppression we can safeguard guests, staff and property.

The BlazeCut Difference

While fire extinguishers are a basic requirement, their effectiveness is limited and there is always a risk of getting burnt if people do not have previous experience.

BlazeCut Fire systems can automatically actuate, extinguishing the fire in seconds, leaving minimal damage while protecting guests, staff and property.
BlazeCut offers localised fire suppression systems to protect both small and large kitchens such as those in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, mobile kitchen trailers and public institutions safeguarding guests, staff and property.

The BlazeCut C Series system uses an UL approved wetting agent which covers fires of class F: fire of vegetable or animal oils and fats. The wetting agent is non-corrosive, non-toxic, ecological and highly efficient with cooling effect.

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Industry Application Examples



Deep fat fryers

Chain Broilers

Duct, fume hood and plenums