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Industry Risks

Home hobbyists are becoming more and more popular and many owners never consider the fire risks or consequences of not being adequately equipped should a fire occur. Fires can start small but can quickly escalate and major loss of property or even life can occur.

3D printers and laser cutters can be left unattended so having an automatic system should be a basic consideration to avoid any accidents with the equipment. Despite being present in such a situation, at such a distressful time many end up not recalling the imminent danger of opening a hood during fire and the risk of the fire flaring up and burning them is extremely high.


Without fast suppression, one of the most prevalent consequences of a fire is damage. With the high likelihood of the fire spreading, the damage may not necessarily only be contained to the ignition area of the equipment, but to any areas reached by the fire or its smoke. If the fire spreads to or through the room and beyond, this can endanger the lives of the people in the building. Often these are unsupervised areas, so the risk of fire spreading to other rooms puts both lives and property at risk, this needs to be seriously considered while installing any safety systems.

3D Printer Fire Demonstration

The BlazeCut Difference

While fire extinguishers are affordable and easy to obtain (we recommend having at least one) there is always a risk of getting injured by getting too close to extinguish a fire. And if unattended who will put out the fire. BlazeCut Fire systems automatically actuate within seconds when a fire occurs, extinguishing the fire instantly leaving very minimal damage to your equipment and surround area.

You can fit them yourself, in most cases in minutes, or have a professional install it for you. BlazeCut offers ready-to-install fire suppression solutions ideal for 3D printers and Laser cutters as well as CNC machines, vehicles, leisure boats and campervans.

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Industry Application Examples

3D Printers

Leisure boats and Jet Skis

Campervans and outdoor recreation

Perfromance street cars

Laser printers and cutters

E Sports