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Industry Risks

In the past decade, there has been a large increase of wind turbines placed on common land and farms throughout the world. Fires can start from lack of maintenance, bearing failure or overheating brakes which normally occur when there are high winds. In power plants and generators, common causes of fire are lack of maintenance, electrical faults, power surges, electrical arcing and overheating.

Both turbines and power plants have multiple areas exposed to fire risk. As one suppression agent may work well on one area, but very poorly on another, it is not unusual that more than one agent type is required to adequately protect the asset. Therefore, it is important that each risk area is carefully considered so that the selected systems consist of the right agent for each of the risk areas.


Running in remote areas, often it takes hours before assistance is at hand after a fire outbreak, as the closest fire brigade must travel far to reach the location. With that kind of delay, the amount of loss could be devastating and the consequences cataclysmic. Additionally, the damage might not necessarily be limited to the plant itself, it could also end up engulfing any surrounding land and buildings in the area.

The BlazeCut Difference

BlazeCut offer automatic fire suppression systems that actuate in seconds and cover all the assessed risks, ensuring that any damage sustained by the turbine, power plant or generator is minimised, with the surrounding areas preserved.

With a combination of agents and several suppression points, our fire systems can be designed and installed to cover multiple risk zones such as bearings, brakes, and electrical controls. Depending on the model, a signal can also be sent to the communication system to advise the control room that a fire has occurred so that the turbine or plant can be powered down, thereby mitigating any further consequences. A BlazeCut system can also shutdown power or the equipment to reduce the risk of reignition.

For smaller generators, batteries enclosures, electrical cabinets, and power plants, we recommend the T series. This can be installed in under an hour and offers a unique, smart automatic suppression system.

With a choice of three agents, a BlazeCut’s automatic C series system can be tailored to suit multiple risk areas in turbines, larger generators, and power plants.

Before quoting and installing a fire system, a full assessment of the risks needs to be considered. This way we can ensure you get the best suited protection, for the best outcome in case of a fire.

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Industry Application Examples


Electrical switching

Wind turbines

Power plants

Electrical cabinets