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Industry Risks

Farmers and their machinery are exposed to a range of dangerous fire hazards unique to the agricultural industry. High engine- and exhaust temperatures, built up dust and debris inside and on top of machines and grain dust explosions all pose increased fire risk. With fuel storage tanks and crops nearby, the risk of loss and rapid spreading of an uncontrolled fire could be catastrophic. Further to this the processing component and packaging of goods does have heat and risk factors involved as well.


The first and most critical risk involved is getting injured while trying to extinguish the fire. Additionally, there is a high possibility of the fire spreading into the crop and consuming the farm. The danger and damage could also threaten nearby fuel, crop storage tanks, neighbouring crops, and property. In many cases the rural location means the fire brigade would be over an hour away, leaving the farmer with assistants, crops, equipment, animals, and family at danger long before professional assistance would be at hand. As such, the amount of loss could be catastrophic.

The BlazeCut Difference

When a fire occurs, the BlazeCut system automatically actuates in the covered areas and extinguishes the fire in seconds, minimising any damage to the machine and reduces the risk of fire spreading. Our systems can be designed and installed to cover multiple risks within a single piece of equipment, covering the entire engine, pumps, and its electrical controls. For smaller applications, a BlazeCut fire system can be installed in minutes, some of them by the operator themselves, and are one of the most competitive systems in the marketplace.

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Industry Application Examples





  • Packing & processing equipment

Electrical cabinets