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Industry Risks

Military equipment fires are common. Fire risks and consequences of not being adequately equipped should a fire occur need to be considered. Fires can start with a small fuel or oil leak onto a hot part in an engine compartment or due to an electrical fault in an engine compartment, inside a cabin or on other areas of the equipment. With limited support due to their remoteness and their most likely presence in battle zones.

Fire can put defence personnel in harm’s way and expose them to the enemy or slow down their forward advances.


Without fast suppression, one of the most prevalent consequences of a fire anywhere in the equipment is damage. With the high likelihood of the fire spreading, the damage may not only be contained to the ignition area, but to any areas reached by the fire or its smoke. One should fear the worst if it spreads to or through a cabin or room, with both fire and smoke endangering the lives of the operators and staff. 

The BlazeCut Difference

While fire extinguishers are easy to install and use, there is always a risk of getting burnt when one opens the compartments to extinguish the fire. And who will put out the fire if the equipment is in an accident and there are personnel inside who are trapped? 

BlazeCut Fire systems automatically actuates in the protected compartment when a fire occurs, extinguishing the fire in seconds leaving very minimal damage to the equipment.

BlazeCut offers ready-to-install fire suppression solutions ideal for fleet vehicles, taxis, buses, trucks and campervans as well as more comprehensive solutions and installs for larger or more complex vehicles. 

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Industry Application Examples

Amoured Cars

Defence fleet vehiles

Support truck

Army Buses

Custom vehiles

Troop carriers