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Industry Risks

Manufacturing can have many fire risks throughout plant. We need to consider malfunctioning power supplies, power surges, faulty electrical connections, short circuits, equipment failure and human error or negligence. These fires can be disastrous if not attended to in time. Additionally, having small risks independently covered will ensure a quick extinguishment. BlazeCut can cover most small applications in all plants to avoid lager fires and major damage. 


The devastating consequences of a fire can be very extensive with major plant damage or loss, damaged to manufacturing equipment and electrical cabinets. Furthermore, water jets from the sprinkler systems and fire departments can cause further loss. Often these fires start in unsupervised areas, so the risk of fire spreading to other parts of the plant should also be considered. The fire and smoke can place lives at risk and cause extensive damage, not to mention the disruption to plant production.

The BlazeCut Difference

A BlazeCut automatic fire suppression system can be installed to cover small and medium risk areas so the fire is detected in seconds and keeps fire and smoke contained to a small area with minimal damage or disruption. BlazeCut systems use a clean fire-suppressing agent which is colourless and odourless that leaves no residue, requiring no clean-up. These clean agents are non-conductive, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and people safe. These agents are ideal for protecting your plant from a ruinous outcome.

BlazeCut systems are available with power back up and do not require any electrical supply to actuate, they are
functional 100% of the time even if the power supply is interrupted. For a basic unit that is simple to install BlazeCut offers the T series and for the larger and more sophisticated coverage, BlazeCut’s C series system is recommended.

Our fire suppression systems are available with several options and features that can be integrated into an
existing alarm system, such as the ability to notify you when a fire event occurs and an incorporated emergency power-off-switch or shut-down function. Additional optional features include activation through a smoke detector or building alarm.

BlazeCut fire suppression systems are invaluable, they can protect the buildings, property, people and the surrounding areas.

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Industry Application Examples

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Industrial Manufacturing

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