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Industry Risks

There are several risk zones and ways a fire can break out in port facilities. Over the years we have seen a large increase in the number of Forklifts, Container handlers and gantry cranes placed in businesses throughout the world. 

Fires can start from lack of maintenance, electrical faults, and overheating. The truth is the consequences of these fires could prove to be very severe in terms of damage when considering the equipment involved, the operator, the business itself and the surrounding buildings.  

To reduce this risk the owner of these machines can install a quick responding fire suppression system to cover all the assessed risks. This will ensure the equipment only sustains minor damage, the operator is safe, and the surrounding areas are preserved. Other safeguards that could be implemented to reduce fire risks would be adding fire extinguishers which are placed on the equipment and surrounding areas.

Fire extinguishers are not expensive and should be the correct type and size to suit the risk areas that need to be covered.


Fire damage to port facilities, docked vessels and the loss of production are just some examples. Without fast suppression, one of the consequences of a fire anywhere in a piece of equipment is damage. There is an extremely high likelihood of the fire spreading rapidly and the damage may not only be contained to the ignition area or to that piece of equipment.

Fire and smoke can spread to another piece of equipment, to a ported vessel or a building and lives could also be at risk.

A fire that has not been quickly detected, can cause serious damage if left too long. The fire will be much larger and take much more time to extinguish. A slow extinguishment is risking not only major damage and shutdowns but the lives of the operators and staff.

The BlazeCut Difference

Before quoting and installing a fire system the risks need to be considered. This way we are ensuring the best suited protection, with the best possible outcome in case of a fire. A system then can be correctly designed to ensure the best outcome. 

When a fire occurs the BlazeCut fire system automatically actuates in the engine bay or battery compartment, suppressing the fire within seconds. This helps reduce the amount of damage caused by the fire. A Fire system to suit smaller forklifts and container handlers would be the BlazeCut T series. This is a smart designed product which is unique. The T series systems can be installed in under an hour by a professional installer.

For the larger pieces of equipment, a BlazeCut C series can be designed to suit each application and also incorporate up to three different agents after considering the surrounding environment. A BlazeCut fire suppression system is invaluable, by avoiding major fire damage, it can protect staff and assets.

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Industry Application Examples


Gantry cranes

Battery systems

Ship to shore cranes

Electrical systems

Automatic guided vehicles