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BlazeCut System Overviews

T Series Electrical Cabinet

The BlazeCut T Series system is a simple and cost effective fire protection device for small enclosures. Applications can be from electrical cabinets, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Battery storage cabinets, data racks, MCC's and many more.
The tube has both a storage and a detection function, which means that the extinguishing agent is stored directly in the tube and no additional storage device such as a cylinder is required.
The BlazeCut T Series system uses an extremely effective, clean, and a people-safe extinguishing medium of HFC-227ea. BlazeCut T Series system operates automatically and independent of any power supply by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to 105 degrees Celsius, the detection tube ruptures and releases the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube directly onto the source of the fire, suppressing the fire in seconds.

C Series ILP CNC Machine

A BlazeCut C Series automatic fire suppression system can be installed to cover small and medium risk areas so the fire is detected in seconds and keeps fire and smoke contained to a small area with minimal damage or disruption. BlazeCut systems use a clean fire-suppressing agent which is colourless and odourless that leaves no residue, requiring no clean-up. These clean agents are non-conductive, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and people safe. These agents are ideal for protecting your plant from a ruinous outcome.

BlazeCut systems are available with power back up and do not require any electrical supply to actuate, they are functional 100% of the time even if the power supply is interrupted. For a basic unit that is simple to install BlazeCut offers the T series and for the larger and more sophisticated coverage, BlazeCut’s C series system is recommended. Larger systems are available in Direct Low Pressure (DLP) and Indirect low pressures (ILP) variants

Our fire suppression systems are available with several options and features that can be integrated into an existing alarm system, such as the ability to notify you when a fire event occurs and an incorporated emergency power-off-switch or shut-down function. Additional optional features include activation through a smoke detector or building alarm.

C Series ILP Industrial Dust Collector

Dust collectors are critical for certain industries that require filtering out hazardous materials and maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the air. Examples of facilities that have Dust collectors are timber manufacturing, agricultural mills, metal fabrication plants and food processing facilities, just to name a few.
Fire can be a serious risk in dust collectors because it can occur unexpectedly. High airflow and scattered small particles of dust are prone to combustion and even explosion when exposed to just one spark. It can cause equipment damage and may result in personnel injury.
The BlazeCut C Series ILP (indirect low pressure) system is a highly customisable solution that is designed specifically for your application with many available features and integration options.

T Series

C Series