Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

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BlazeCut offers the latest in automatic fire suppression technologies. The T Series is an easy-to-install tube style device, developed for small to medium enclosed spaces and the C Series is a cylinder style fire suppression system suitable for more larger and complex applications.


Suitable for small enclosed compartments the BlazeCut T Series is a simple, self-contained tube style fire suppression system where both detection and agent storage is contained within one single unit.

A pre-engineered cylinder style fire suppression system, the C Series comes in two system options; direct low-pressure or indirect low-pressure. These systems can be coupled with a wide range of alarm panels and accessories.


Effective and proven fire suppression systems are crucial for safeguarding both human safety and your assets.

Our product testing and quality control is approved by globally recognised testing bodies. See the various certification and compliance listings BlazeCut have on our systems and components. 

Our Approach

Fire systems have changed significantly over the last decades and we know that whether you are a commercial enterprise, a small business or a hobbyist, you have specific needs in protecting your assets from fire

We are proud to continuously drive technical and intellectual advancements from what our experience has taught us about fire protection. Providing you the most effective system for your specific application to best protect your valuable assets and the lives around them. So you can focus on what you enjoy and do best.

Industries and Applications

BlazeCut’s automatic fire suppression solutions protect standard as well as custom designed assets across a wide range of applications and industries.

Catalogues and Brochures

BlazeCut have a range of Catalogues and Brochures covering all the various market segments that we can support. Learn about your market segment, our product range, our company or how to understand the fire risks in your application.

Wether you an end user or a dealer, BlazeCut have sales materials to help you understand our products. Additionally you can contact us directly if you interested for a deeper understanding on the systems where we can provide you our full technical manuals on our products or arrange a training session.

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About Us

Experience peace of mind with reliable products backed by exceptional support.

There is no coincidence that BlazeCut products have become a global phenomenon in fire suppression technology.

The BlazeCut company is a fire suppression system manufacturer and specialist that has changed the way a system can perform and protect against fire in harsh or high risk environments.

With decades of working with the unpredictable behaviour of the element, we know how to best mitigate the risks involved with your specific assets and applications.

Our systems are tailored for each application and protect all types of mobile equipment and fixed plant.

Our extensive and constantly growing network of distributors and dealers provides qualified support to almost every region in the world.


UNECE R107 Approved
Bus Fire Suppression Systems

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