T Series

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T Series

The BlazeCut T Series system is a simple and cost effective fire protection device for small enclosures. The system consists of a heat-sensitive tube that is manufactured with a special plastic and is closed by stainless steel fittings. The tube has both a storage and a detection function, which means that the extinguishing agent is stored directly in the tube and no additional storage device such as a cylinder is required.

The BlazeCut T Series system uses HFC-227ea, which is an extremely effective, clean, and a people-safe extinguishing medium. BlazeCut T Series system operates automatically and independent of any power supply by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical level, the detection tube melts down at the point where the affect of temperature is highest. The tube melts and creates a hole releasing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube directly onto the source of the fire.

The BlazeCut T Series systems are supplied in various lengths from 25 cm up to 8 meters. The standard volume of agent ranges from 0.25 kg to 2 kg, which is directly related to the systems length and are sufficient to protect enclosures with volume between 0.1 mand 4 mrespectively. The T Series product range opens up a wide range of applications that the system can be used on. Compact electrical enclosures through to engine bays and large data enclosures, the T Series system can be adapted to help reduce your risks of fire.

Features & Benefits


The HFC agent discharges as a liquid, disperses in the form of a gas and leaves no residue after extinguishing which eliminates the clean-up costs.

Cooling Effect

The HFC agent has a cooling effect on the surfaces that are in proximity. This reduces the likelihood of reignition.

Easy to install

The system does not require any pressurization during installation as it is a self-contained system. Once routed it requires some ties or clips to hold in place

Maintenance free

The system requires no maintenance during its entire working life, the self-contained system is ready to activate at all times.

Independent Power

The system does not require an external power supply to activate. This means that the system is always monitoring for heat with human intervention.

Universal Use

The system design allows for a range of application and will fit into almost any small enclosure space. Length of system will determine the volume that is dispensed


The HFC agent does not conduct electricity, corrode, or cause thermal shock damage and therefore there is no risk of harm or side effects to the protected enclosure.


The system will automatic activated through the detection of increased temperature when placed in the risk assessed areas.

Cost Effective

Long durability and no maintenance makes it an extremely cost effective solution.

Long durability

The fully sealed system has a life expectancy of up to 10 years depending on the type of application and system environment.

Safe For People

The concentration of the agent is harmless to people and possess no threat to health once activated, the system depletes oxygen in confined areas which can present issues if over exposed.

Pressure gauge

End of line pressure gauge to visually monitor the system at any time, the gauge shows the current pressure inside the tube indicates when the system is ready for use


With the addition of a pressure switch, pressure loss can be detected and a signal can be sent to an external device such as an alarm panel, warning buzzers, sounders, beacons or to initiate a shut down through an external control panel

Power cabinets

Electrical cabinets are used in a wide range of industries, Eltek, a leader in design and installation uses BlazeCut in their cabinets to provide assurance for their customers. The series product have been used on this installation.
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Meat processing

Within the food processing division Midfield operate food processing and packaging. As their business model is paddock to plate; Midfield control the process to provide their customers with a range of food products.
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Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated guided vehicles are becoming more important with the efficiency of loading and unloading containers at ports around the world. Just as the machines can operate 24/7 so does the BlazeCut fire Suppression system protecting them.
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HFC-227ea Safety Data Sheet

T Series User Manual

T Series Schematics

TSS2202 - T Series Schematic 0.25m-6m

TSS2202 - T Series Schematic 0.25m-6m