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Industry Risks

Truck fires happen often, they also regularly make it onto the news due to the impact upon traffic and people. Many owners and operators never consider the fire risks and consequences of not being adequately equipped should a fire occur. Truck fires can start with a small fuel or oil leak onto a hot area in the engine compartment or due to an electrical fault in either the engine compartment or inside the cabin of the truck. Most of these trucks are turbo charged diesel engines.

Turbos are a high risk as they heat to extremely high temperatures. If diesel or oil was to come in contact with the turbo, it most likely would result in a fire. Most trucks carry fire extinguishers however by the time the fire is attended to it has already become too large for most extinguishers to be effective.


Without fast suppression, one of the most prevalent consequences of a fire anywhere in the truck is damage. With the high likelihood of the fire spreading, the damage may not only be contained to the ignition area, but to any areas reached by the fire or the smoke. If the fire spreads into the cabin, the lives of the driver and passenger are at risk through injury or death.

An undetected fire can cause a serious hazard in traffic if an essential component of the vehicle fails while the vehicle is moving, risking not only the lives of the people inside the vehicle but also surrounding people and vehicles.

The BlazeCut Difference

While fire extinguishers are affordable and easy to install (and we recommend having at least one installed in every truck) there is always a risk of getting burnt if and when opening the hood of the engine hood when a fire has occurred. In cab over trucks the chance of lifting the cab to use the extinguisher while a fire is burning is next to impossible due to heat. 

BlazeCut Fire systems automatically actuate in the engine compartment when a fire occurs, extinguishing the fire in seconds leaving very minimal damage to your truck and keeping you safe. With small trucks and using our smaller systems, it is possible to fit them yourself and in most cases installation takes less than an hour. With larger trucks it is recommended to have a professional install it for you.

BlazeCut offers ready-to-install fire suppression solutions ideal for a wide range of prime movers and rigid trucks.

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Industry Application Examples

Engine bays

Truck filling facilities

Cab over trucks

Crane trucks

Prime movers

Fuel Trucks