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C Series

The installation of a BlazeCut C Series fire suppression system can provide a quick and effective response to fire on all types of equipment. BlazeCut's fully customisable systems can provide the features and functions that are essential for protecting a wide range of assets.

Closed and semi closed spaces which are out of sight have an increased risk of fire and may lead to devastating consequences such as damaging property, interrupting business or in the worst case scenario losing lives.

Engine compartments, server rooms, electrical cabinets, power generators and similar equipment are some examples of where such fires can occur.

The Pneumatic system operates automatically and independent of any power supply, which is a key advantage, as the system is able to automatically operate and suppress fire in spaces even when people are not present. The system operation is based on a pneumatic detection tubing technology which is sensitive to high temperatures allowing the system to discharge instantly on the detection of fire.

The Electronic system has a customisable operation of the system that can be automatic, manual, or a combination of both. There is also the ability to delay a discharge or have a manual discharge only, if the system is in an occupied area. The electronic systems can be customised for equipment with higher operating temperatures.

Depending on the type of application the systems are supplied in various modifications such as:

  • Type of system: DLP or ILP
  • Type of agent: FK-5-1-12, HFC-227ea, foam, powder
  • Volume of cylinder: different volumes depending on type of extinguishing agent.
  • Several detection options
  • Components and installation material: distribution tubing, fittings, connectors, brackets
  • Optional components: alarm panels, pressure switch, signalling devices, manual actuators, back up power units

Quick Detection

A choice of either BlazeWire or BlazeTube is used throughout the detection system, quickly sending a response back to the cylinder for discharge.

Automatic or Manual Activation

The system can be configured for manual or automatic activation through the detection of increased temperature when placed in the risk assessed areas.

Easy to Install

The comprehensive training and support process makes installation and maintenance simple.

Universal Use

The system design allows for a range of application and will fit in almost any small enclosure space. Length of system will determine the volume that is dispensed.

Independent power

The system does not require an external power supply to activate. The means that the system is always monitoring for heat with human intervention.

Cooling effect

The agents have a cooling effect on the surfaces that are in proximity. This reduces the likelihood of reignition.

Safe For People

The concentration of the agent is harmless to people and possess no threat to health once activated, the system depletes oxygen in confined areas which can present issues if over exposed.

Fast Acting

The system has fast knock down design, which means the fire will be controlled before spreading.


The gas and powder systems do not conduct electricity, corrode, or cause thermal shock damage and therefore there is no risk of harm or side effects to the protected enclosure.

Variety of Components

There are a range of additional components that can be used on the system such as external beacons, sounders and shut down.


The system can be configured to use Powder, Gas or Foam extinguishing agents at time of design, extending the range of applications.

Larger Volumes

The system provides flexibility with the number of cylinders that are required to cover a space or multiple spaces


BlazeCut systems are manufactured in two versions: Direct Low Pressure System and Indirect Low Pressure System. The use of each version is determined by the type and size of the enclosure.

Direct Low Pressure (DLP) System

The DLP system is referred to as direct, which means that the activation and distribution of the agent is secured by the detection tube.
The fire suppression system operates by detecting fire and applies the agent directly by using a detection tube fastened to a cylinder valve. The detection tube is placed in the protected enclosure and is under constant pressure. When a fire occurs the detection tube degrades by the effect of fire and high temperature. When the detection tube ruptures, the agent is released through a hole created, applying agent directly at the fire source. The pneumatic detection system can be independent of any electrical supply and operates solely on physical principles. The DLP system can also be electronically monitored by the use of a pressure switch.
The direct system is suitable for smaller applications and combines easy installation with simple operation

Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) System

The ILP system is referred to as indirect, which means that it is activated by disruption of the detection tube and the agent is distributed via separate distribution tubes to the nozzles.
The fire suppression system operates by de­tecting heat with a detection tube connected to a valve on a cylinder. The tube is placed in the protected enclosure and is under con­stant pressure, whereby keeping the valve piston of the cylinder closed.
In case of fire the tube degrades by the effect of fire and high temperature. The detection tube ruptures and the pressure in the detection circuit decreases opening the valve on the cylinder. The fire suppression system activates and the entire extinguishing agent is released through the nozzles. The pneumatic detection system can be independent of any elec­trical supply and operates solely on physical principles.
The indirect system is suitable for larger environments or where specific application of the agent is required. This system also enables various modifications by adding optional components such as manual actuation, detectors, control panels for enhanced operation and control of the system. Selected ILP Systems can be electronic and include an electric solenoid for actuation. This can be achieved by using linear heat detection, smoke and heat detectors and connection to fire control panel with GSM module. The electronic detection and actuation circuits can be fully monitored by the BlazeCut alarm panel.

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