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Industry Risks

In the Aviation industry, exposure to fire hazards is high due to around the clock operations. The risk of fire is present with all types of ground support equipment and within the airport facilities. The fire risks and consequences of not being adequately covered can be catastrophic.

Fires can start with any piece of equipment whether it be small vehicles, buses, tow tugs, backup generators to electrical cabinets, server racks or kitchens, to name a few.

Most fires are a result of accidents that cannot be foreseen. A fast-automatic response is what ensures a high level of safety. At the time of stress, many forget how to correctly manage the situation faced and by having an automatic fire system in place, the risk of damage or injury are greatly reduced.


Without fast suppression, one of the consequences of a fire anywhere in a piece of equipment is damage. There is a very high likelihood of the fire spreading rapidly and the damage may not only be contained to the ignition area or to that piece of equipment. Fire and smoke can spread to another piece of equipment, to a ported aircraft or a building and the lives of the many could be at risk.

A fire that has not been quickly detected, can cause serious damage if left too long. The fire will be much larger and take much more time to extinguish. A slow extinguishment is risking not only major damage and shutdowns, but the lives of the people.

The BlazeCut Difference

While fire extinguishers are affordable and easy to install, we recommend having at least one installed on every piece of equipment. However their effectiveness is limited and there is always a risk of getting burnt if people do not have previous experience. They also require a person to get close to the flames for the fire extinguishers to be effective which poses added risk.

BlazeCut Fire systems automatically actuate within seconds in the area covered when a fire occurs, extinguishing the fire in seconds leaving very minimal damage. Smaller systems can be installed in under a trained installer avoiding major disruption for equipment demands.

BlazeCut offers fire suppression solutions ideal for fleet vehicles, buses, trucks, ground support equipment, electrical cabinets and server racks as well as more comprehensive solutions and installs for larger or more complex equipment and building applications.

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Industry Application Examples

  • Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Ground power unit
  • Tow Tugs
  • Control tower
  • Building applications